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An experienced tax accountant and a successful business consultant helping enterprises, high-net-worth individuals, and high-income business owners across Canada and internationally. A specialist in taxation of business, investment, property, and oversea income. A reliable advisor for dealing with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The supervisor of an elite team possessing unique business skills to advise companies on overcoming industry challenges. A great mentor for startups to enter and succeed in the corporate world.

Business Advisory

I have helped a variety of startups, professionals and small businesses in information technology, retail, consulting and service industry to finance their ventures, market their products and services; and to successfully manage, optimize, modernize, and grow their operations.


My core taxation services for Canadian residents and non-residents include corporate return, business and partnership returns; personal income tax preparation, estate and trust returns; while assisting my clients with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) reassessments, reviews and audits.

Tax Planning

Unlike tax preparation services, tax planning is a long-term investment of time and dedication for accountants and their clients. In the past decade, I worked with a large number of high-income clients, whom I helped to organize, defer and reduce their taxes within the framework of the law.


I and my industry leading partners can take your record keeping model to the next level and save you both time and money. We can help you to effectively automate the most time intensive tasks, such as invoicing, shipping, employee time tracking, project tracking, and even payroll and bookkeeping.

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