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Tax Accountant Halifax

Income Tax Preparation Services
 for Canadian Residents & Non-Residents

Wealth Knight takes a transparent, accurate and project-like approach to tax accounting, so you can have full peace of mind before and after filing your return.

Most taxpayers in Canada must file a tax return, and we assist individuals, corporations, and trusts to comply with the Income Tax Act to its fullest extent. We offer a full range of tax accounting services to Canadian residents and non-residents. We specialize in investment, rental, overseas, and intellectual property income, and we assist with completing the following returns:

• Personal Income Tax Preparation
• Corporate Return
• Trust Return
• Proprietorship Return
• Partnership Return
• Estate and Final Returns

Project-Like Approach

We have developed a project-like tax accounting approach to ensure a high-value tax preparation service for clients with unique tax situations and expectations. Therefore, meeting potential clients prior to accepting their businesses is an important step toward understanding their circumstances and perceptions of Canadian tax system, communicating the aspects of our services, and setting expectations. If we agree on full collaboration, we then prepare your unique tax profile and partially transfer your case to our fully insured and well-trained tax team.

Transparency and Accuracy

We work transparently and diligently with our clients to keep them informed of documents prepared and filed on their behalf. We examine tax returns prepared by our team before filing them with CRA; we never file a tax return without a final meeting and answering questions you may have. Therefore, all tax returns must adhere to our highest standards. Additionally, our Professional Errors and Omission Insurance provides coverage for every work performed at Wealth Knight to further reduce risks associated with human errors.

Peace of Mind and Support at Every Stage

At Wealth Knight, taxation service does not end with submitting clients’ return to CRA. Clients who have given us accurate and complete income information are eligible for a 24-month CRA review assistance at no additional charge. We represent our clients before CRA to answer questions and respond to additional information requests. Thus, our clients can have full peace of mind before and after filing their tax returns. In addition, we can determine if the situation requires the support of a tax lawyer and can help with finding the most qualified legal representatives.

If you would like to minimize your taxes legally and successfully, consider our income tax planning services.
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